Due to the current Lockdown in fight against COVID -19 , InspectNow is contributing in its unique way by offering InspectNow mobile app for carrying out audit and inspection as well field data collection tool which will be available free of charge for business use without any charges. InspectNow existing clientele will get 90 days extra in subscription with unlimited use of app. InspectNow has removed paid option from Apple -App store as well as Google play store and made available this app free of all charges. We say , where there is a Will, there is a way, InspectNow team has created ready to start templates as well forms to save time and collect precious data from your employees and get 360 degree overview about them during COVID-19 , you will get complete update on how your employees are feeling about work from home as well as how they are innovating to fight against current situation.
OceanEagleEye Maritime Marketplace Videos is created to quickly get overview of services and advantages of joining marketplace
We are happy to announce first release of our eNauka Platform which will provide SaaS for shipping companies
New Online Maritime Marketplace Open -Monday, April 23, 2018
The new OceanEagleEye Marketplace is open now! We are very excited to offer new range of products,Services from Suppliers ,Agents and Service Experts. We will be constantly adding to our range so please register on our site.